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6402 -SAE O-Ring Boss ORB Male x 37° JIC SAE Flare Swivel Nut Adapter. MORB x FJS Straight. 6404 -SAE O-Ring Boss ORB x NPTF Pipe Male Adapter. FORB x MP Straight. 6405 -SAE O-Ring Boss ORB Male x NPTF Pipe Adapter. MORB-FP Straight. 6407 -SAE O-Ring Boss ORB Male x SAE O-Ring Boss ORB Male Union.

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SAE O-Ring Fittings. SAE O-Ring Fittings READ MORE. Filters. Sort by Sort by Show 24 36 48 View as % 7/16"-20 JIC SWIVEL END CAP-SC-500-04 £9.11 | / • UK Manufactured Products • Same Day Despatch for Express Delivery to the UK, Europe & Rest Of ...

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12. 2-1/2. Thread conforms to ISO 263 and ANSI B1.1 Unified. Port conforms to ISO 11926 and SAE J1926. Commonly called straight thread o-ring fittings. Pitch and diameter are measured in inches, 1 1 / 16 -12 UN-2B. Threads are …

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SAE O-ring boss. 2-1/2"-12 . Zinc Plated Steel. Related Products. Imagen. 90° Male SAE O-ring Boss® x Male JIC Elbow. Imagen. 90° SAE O-ring Boss® x NPSM Swivel Nut Elbow. Imagen. Adjustable O-ring Union. Imagen.

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SAE O-Ring Boss Adapter, or ORB adapter, under SAE J1926-1 and ISO 11296-1, has adantage of being able to be tightened mecahnically before being sealed. SAE ORB adapter has the male end with a straight thread and an o-ring, and the end with a straight thread, a machined surface, and a chamfered area to accept the o-ring. The connection ...

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SAE O-ring (O-Ring Boss) are straight thread fittings that seal using a O-ring between the thread and the wrench flats of the fitting. The O-ring seals against the machined seat on the port. O-ring fittings can be either adjustable or non-adjustable. Non adjustable fittings are screwed into a port where no alignment is needed.

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Choose from our selection of O-ring Boss fittings, including over 750 products in a wide range of styles and sizes. In stock and ready to ship. Contact Us; Order. Order History; Punchout. Log in. ... Also known as Code 61 SAE hydraulic flanges, these let you create an access point in a high-pressure hydraulic line. High-Pressure Stainless Steel

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Boss O-Rings O-Ring Face Seals Flange O-Rings. Boss O-Rings. 900 Series Boss o-rings are used in sealing straight thread tube Boss fittings (ORB) associated with hydraulic equipment. Boss o-rings are recommended by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for medium and high-pressure hydraulic systems. Boss o-ring sizes fall under the ...

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Boss O-Rings, 900 series SAE Straight Thread O-Rings, Recommended by the NFPA for optimal leakage control in medium and high pressure hydraulic systems. The male fitting has a straight thread and O-ring. The port has a straight thread, a machined surface (minimum spotface) and a chamfer to accept the O-ring. The seal take place by compressing the O-ring …

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the O-ring in the port cavity. Elbow and Tee fittings require a backup washer and a locknut above the O-ring on the threaded stud to permit a 360° orienta-tion of the fitting around the port. The following table lists the specifications for SAE O-Ring Boss Ports. SAE O-Ring Boss Specifications Dash Size Tube Size Thread SAE-ORB to JIC and Pipe ...

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The SAE O-Ring Boss Fitting (ORB) The O-ring is one of those elegantly simple inventions that can revolutionize an industry. The O-ring provides sealing versatility over the all-metal face types which need to be tightened to a high but narrow torque range. Stripped threads or distorted components can be the result when that range is exceeded.

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An o-ring boss seal is a technique for joining two fluid-carrying pipes, hoses, or tubing. In an o-ring boss (abbreviated ORB) system, a male - threaded part is inserted into a -threaded part, providing a mechanical seal. This system differs from others in that a nut is tightened over an o-ring in a chamfered area, creating a fluid-tight ...

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SAE Straight Thread O-ring or O-Ring Boss (ORB) is a multipurpose thread ideal for medium and high-pressure hydraulic applications. The male thread contains an o-ring at the base which mates with a chamfer machined into the counterpoint, which makes this thread type ideal for non-leak applications.